This morning we had some snow and ice.  While ice is beautiful to look at, it can be dangerous.  Through out the morning my roommate’s dog, Neah, wanted to go outside.  I would go to the door and open it for Neah to go outside. But she would just stand there, look at it and refuse to go outside .  After a few times of repeating this process, I became annoyed.

As I continued to drip pretzels in chocolate, I wondered what life lesson I could learn from Neah.  The thought came to me I wonder how many times we do this to God.  How many times has He asked me to go ahead and trust him on something.  But I just stood there, look at it and refused to trust Him because I was scared.  Or how many times has He showed me something beautiful ahead in my life but for this beautiful thing to happen in my life I had to change or step out in faith.   But I didn’t do this because I did not want to go through the pain of change or I thought I knew better for myself.

Sometimes in life God wants to show us something in life’s simplest moments.  We just have to pay attention or we will miss them.  What does God want teach you in your ordinary moments?

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