Imagine yourself standing at the edge of the ocean, as you stand water crashes into your feet.  It’s calming and refreshing as you stand there. But all of sudden the waves start getting higher and rougher as a storm approaches where you stand.  You feel the wind and rain hit your face.  It’s a storm that isn’t too heavy but heavy enough that every once in a while it tries to knock you off your feet.  You wait for this storm out instead of going in because there is something beautiful and mesmerizing about this storm.  You realize that your tears race down your cheeks like the raindrops hitting your face.  Every so often, the storm picks up with the rain hitting harder and the wind whipping against your body faster. And in those moments feels like the storm going to overtake you and you are going to get lost at sea.  Even though you want this storm to end it just keeps going.

But then you feel reinforcement that makes you feel stronger like something or someone is behind you. This reinforcement allows you to stand strong in the storm with a sure footing. 

As you stand in this storm you reflect on life and all that is going on in and around you. And you wonder why this storm is lasting as long it is. And you wonder the lessons you can learn as you endure this storm. You realize this storm is to make you depend on the reinforcement for strength because if you would do it alone then you would drown.  All you can do as you continue to get hit by waves, rain, and wind is stand there and depend on the reinforcement to give you strength to get through this storm no matter how long it lasts and how bad the storm gets. In the midst of this storm, which is full of uncertainty and pain, you experience peace because the reinforcement is there with you through it all.

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