Do you feel emotionally tired or feel exhausted?

Are you overwhelmed with life?

Do you believe that self care is Biblical?

Imagine a life where you would no longer operate in exhaustion, overwhelm and burnout with a Biblical view on self care.  What would that life look like for you?

 Marilyn helps Christian women create an unique self care plan who are

experiencing burnout or overwhelm in their life. 

You are a great fit to work with Marilyn, if you have said or thought any of these things.

"I am tired."

When you think of a word to describe your life is tired. You are emotionally exhausted.

"I don't know where to start or what to do next."

You are overwhelmed with life to the point that you are missing me time in your schedule.

"Does it make me selfish in God's eyes if I practice self care?"

You are not sure if God wants you to have self care in your life.

If you have said “that is me” as you are reading through my website. Then it is time that you and I chat.  Your first step is to book an assessment call with me!


Marilyn has such a calm presence that I love working with her.  She is really great about helping you figure out what’s standing in the way of you and your success and focusing on overcoming it in a step by step way. 

– Elisabeth Vaughn


In the beginning, my vision was blurred. My life was like a puzzle with many pieces.  Inside I felt a lot of the pieces were missing.   But I was shown by Marilyn that the pieces were just misplaced.  I learned how to look at and examine each piece before they fit. The tools are what helps put each piece back to where they belong. 

– Doreen Ault